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Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
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You can't go to Lisbon without eating seafood. I'm pretty sure it's an actual sin. So, we set out to find an amazing seafood restaurant that served seafood rice, which is supposed to be a specialty for this area. We located a great restaurant near the Time Out Market (and I didn't get the name, rookie mistake) and ordered our food. In order to try a bunch of items, my son, ever the adventurous eater, ordered plain rice, I, the seafood rice, my husband, a shrimp dish and my daughters each ordered the biggest shrimp I had ever seen (paying by weight they were 13$ each!). The food was amazing and the seafood rice did not disappoint. If you go to Lisbon, do your research, try to the seafood rice at a highly rated restaurant and follow it up wit a dessert of Pastel de nada for the perfect meal.
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