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Sea Creature Beach

Wilbur-By-The-Sea, FL, United States
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A very long time ago, right after a hurricane swept through the area, we crossed over one bridge and stopped off in Wilbur by the sea which is surrounded by water on both sides and we ended up spending a half a day on the shores searching for washed up dead sea creatures. There's not much to do in the tiny town itself, except walk around the area to look at several cape cod looking smaller beachfront sea side properties, but behind them offered us the most incredible views of both sides of the water. While visiting, I didn’t see any hotels or any people around this place as far as that goes. Once on this little island a definite stop right outside would be to visit Wilbur beach. Once we arrived, we took a little walk up the coast to the southern tip which is a must do activity while you’re here. The beach in itself was beautiful but you should have seen the shoreline! Because we visited the area right after hurricane season, the shoreline was covered in large amounts of sea weed that had built up all along the length of the coast after the storm passed and remnants of sea life from the past had washed up some strange looking skulls onto the banks near the ocean. Yet the beach itself looked as untouched as can be. It was a beautiful day out so the boys and I spent about 2 hours digging through the seaweed that washed up along the coast. Here I found two huge conch sea shells and my son found some skeleton artifact from some sea animal. We had a great time! Collecting washed up pieces of sea artifacts made the whole trip to this deserted part of heaven worth it!
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Wilbur By The Sea sits on small part of an island that is in between Emerald Isle and Phillips Acres. This is a great place to hang out for the day, but not much to do in the small town during the day and after the sun goes down, it might even feel a little haunted. Thank heaven we brought a grocery bag when we visited because we found some really cool looking sea skulls that we took home.

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