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Save The Best For Last

Chessy, Île-de-France, France
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Our last meal plan splurge was at the Plaza Gardens Restaurant. Located on Main Street, USA, this buffet restaurant turned out to be the best of the three we'd tried. Again, I'm judging on a Disney curve here, but the food was - dare I say - exceptional. You had several choices, meats, pastas, cheeses, mostly European cuisine with a focus on traditional French dishes, and they were all quite delicious. The desserts were also notably tasty. This particular restaurants tends to be busy, and like all Disney dining options, it's always best to make a reservation before your trip. You can always cancel if you change your mind. Unlike the states, Disneyland Paris (bless its heart) isn't caught up with the 2018's yet and there's no way to make dining reservations online so you need to call the French phone number to do so. Something I've read is being updated soon, but for now it's the only way to reserve a table.
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Plaza Gardens Restaurant
Plaza Gardens Restaurant
The best restaurant at Disneyland Paris park. It's included in the standard meal plan as well.

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