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Lào Cai, Lào Cai, Việt Nam
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I started my university life by a trip to Sapa located in the North of Vietnam in 1 day.First of all, I have to say thank to for helping me to make this trip much more memorable. Everything is safe and reasonable.I kicked off my itinerary with Huong,who is a professional and nice guide from AZ by visiting Muong Hoa Valley.Muong Hoa Valley is a stunningly beautiful stretch of land lying at the bottom of Fansipan’s northern flank. There are many green paddy fields stretching to the horizon and dotted with different minority group’s villages.After that, I went to Cat Cat village. Just 3 kilometers from Sapa town, Cat Cat is the old village of ethnic people who are very hospitable and always with a grin.This village stills reserve its primitive charm throughout centuries. People who live here retain long-standing customs and practices, which are unique and interesting.Cat Cat Village gives tourists a chance to get deepeer insight into the daily life of local ethnic people, as well as take part in traditional activities such as weaving fabric. And you can purchase some traditional souvenirs and handicrafts right from the craftsmen to give to your family members and friends.In addition, we went hiking to have a chance to admire the magnificent beauty of rice paddies, water fall, or even water buffaloes grazing leisurely.I can't resist the delicacy of Sapa. Thang Co is a famous dish there and its name evokes the curiosity of foodies like me. This dish is made from horse meat.In the afternoon, we visit Love waterfall, which is a must-see destination in Sapa. The name of it shows the romance of love and the beautyThen , I went to a Spa massage to relax after a day of exploration.After reading reviews from Tripadvisor and AZlocaltrip, i decided to stop by La Dao spa&massage. There is no wonder that it top the rank because they gave a best service. Staff is very nice and helpful, soft-spoken. And I totally immerse into the beauty of nature around this spa.
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by ngochan


Sapa Hill station is really a great place to Visit in Northern Vietnam . It is a small mountain town in Lao Cai Province. This place is mainly popular for its peaceful natural beauty. It is an ideal place for the visitors in Vietnam who like trekking and hiking. So if you planned your next trip to Vietnam, and you are a trekking lover than don't forget the Sapa...

by Vietnam_holiday


Sapa is simply wonderful. Luckly i live in Hanoi so i often travel to sapa on my motor bike, i prefer to wild camp but there are plenty of other options. I enjoy trekking (obviously its sapa)! I read an interesting trekking guide last week, it may be of use to someone. The only aspect to sapa now that i feel is untasteful is the amount of begging, its a real shame and something i wish the authorities would clamp down on. That said, its a must see attraction in vietnam