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Santo Domingo Convent of Lima

Lima Region, Lima Region, Peru
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The church and convent of Santo Domingo is located just 1 block away from Plaza Major in Lima and is well worth a brief visit if you have the time. Built in the 16th century, it's the only one containing a real, authentic steeple within it's grounds. The exterior is pink and overall, is not very impressive from the outside so you may just nonchalantly pass by it w/o knowing it. The interior is a different story, though. The interior and naïve is elegantly designed in gold and brass coloring. The tombs themselves are unique in that the dead's skulls are clearly visible from the center of them. This may or may not freak you out. If it does, escape to one of the many beautiful interior courtyards (if they're open!).
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Culture and experiences

Government Palace of Peru
Witnessing the changing of the guard at government palace is a popular activity in Lima main square.
Huaca Pucllana
Ancient site of Lima Culture in Miraflores. They built pyramids, too, just like the Egyptians, albeit in a vastly different way using mud brick.


Four Points by Sheraton Miraflores
Stayed at this hotel my first two nights in Peru.

Points of interest

Catacombs of the Convent of San Francisco
Visit this eery church with a massive burial of bones and skulls in it's crypt.
One of the upscale districts of the Lima metropolitan area. I did a bike tour here on my first day.
Main Square of Lima
The main square of Lima. Many historical buildings with strong Spanish influences.
The main upscale district immediately south of Lima city center. This is where most tourists stay.
Convento de Santo Domingo
The interior of this church is more amazing than it's exterior. Worth a visit!


Shopping mall right on the coastline of Miraflores. Upscale shopping. Bring a fat wallet.

Special activities

Magic Water Circuit
Impressive array of beautiful fountains. 13 of them. Best to go at night.


Puente Estadio Nacional
The main footballing stadium for the Peru National Football team.

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