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Huacachina, Ica, Peru
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Huacachina, Peru is a magical place for adventure, especially if you like to snowboard! After a short ride in from Paracas we dropped our things at our AirBNB and went straight to the dunes for some desert fun! You start by getting on large off-road dune buggy that takes you on a ride to the top of the dunes. If you can’t or don’t want to Sandboarding take the dune buggy anyway, as that in itself is an adventure! Once up top I strapped into my sandboard and my wife grabbed her boogy board. The rest, as you can imagine is such a unique experience, you truly can’t believe where you are. Sure, watching the sunset at the beach is beautiful, but try catching the sun going down behind a sea of golden sand dunes....there’s nothing like it! We trekked to the highest point (see picture) to see all of the desert in its glory. Not much else to do in this place but it deserves a visit if you ever make it to Lima.
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