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Sand Beach in Acadia National Park - A Rare Sight

Mount Desert, ME, United States
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Acadia National Park encompasses a large part of Mount Desert Island in Maine. The island and much of the geography of the area was formed from glaciers many thousand of years ago. Because of this, much of Mount Desert Island is known for it's rocky and steep coastlines which were formed from this glacial erosion. For this reason, it is very unusual to find a soft, sandy beach on the island. Along the eastern side of the island is a beautiful cove that is home to one of the regions most beautiful sand beaches. The beach is quite large, but beware, the water is cold!
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Points of interest

Sand Beach Overlook
Great place to get an elevated vantage point of the Sand Beach cove.
Sand Beach
Sand Beach
One of Maine's most beautiful sandy beaches along the east coast of Mount Desert Island

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