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Sampling the local butter

Falfurrias, TX, United States
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One of the fun things about traveling is the opportunity to try products that you cannot always get at home. Better yet, you do not always have to go to a foreign country to get this opportunity. If you happen to be visiting South Texas, you might come across a little town called Falfurrias.

Falfurrias used to be the home of a creamery that made a special product called Falfurrias butter. Today, the butter is made somewhere else in Texas but it still has the taste of a local product. I happen to be a fan of this butter. Of all of the commercially available butter in the United States, Falfurrias butter is arguably my favorite.

A person does not have to go to Falfurrias specifically to find the butter today. You can find it throughout Texas in a variety of big box grocery stores. I found some at a Walmart in Central Texas (not actually in Falfurrias). If you happen to be visiting Texas and you are in need of some butter, you just might have to try my favorite.
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