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Sambalatte @ Monte Carlo, Las Vegas ,;) Great coffee cafe

Las Vegas, NV, United States
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There are dozens of places you can get coffee on las vegas, so what makes one place better than another? Depends how much you like your coffee, and how complicated you want it. The prices are all pretty similar all around las vegas for a good cup of coffee. Mcdonalds is the cheapest, but the quality difference is apparent.If you want to try different types of good beans, preparations, or barista who know there stuff, check out Sambalatte . They roast their own beans in house. I've tried both their hot and cold options, espresso, americano, lattes for breakfast. They are all worth a try there, and their rainbow lattes are works of art!
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Monte Carlo
Hotel where sambalatte is located along the strip side. Good value


If coffee is your thing they got lots of options !

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