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Salute Rome, Italy

Rome, Lazio, Italy
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On February 16, 2017 our tour group arrived in Rome, Italy. Our hotel, The Grand Palatino, was only about two blocks from the Colisseum. Our first day we saw where the Pope presided at the Vatican. Beautiful paintings on the ceilings and walls. On the second day we visited the Colisseum where 5,000 gladiators were sacrificed in one month as history depicts. One night our group dined at a local fine restaurant with opera singers entertaining us. The wine was fabulous. I will never forget this trip of beautiful architecture, art, music, romantic stories of love and drama. Salute Italy !
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As you look at the Azure blue waters of the Trevi Fountain and cast a coin and make a wish....that wish may become true. The statutes surrounding this fountain were beautiful .
The Vatican was most impressive with art work on the ceilings and walls.
The Colisseum where gladiators fought and Romans watched from above.

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