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Salt Valley

Moab, UT, United States
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A pretty interesting geological feature of Arches National Park that is easy to miss, the Salt Valley is one of several different view points on the Arches Scenic Drive. I thought it was pretty amazing how simple but dramatic the process was that created this. Basically there was a salty ocean here for millions of years. The ocean evaporated leaving salt deposits thousands of feet deep. As sediments slowly covered the salt and put it under pressure as it turned to rock, the less dense salt rose to the surface along fault lines pushing up to the surface where it dissolved and collapsed forming a valley. The edges of the valley cracked longways after the collapse, allowing erosion to permeate the cracks resulting in the ridges you see in the background that are on the edge of the salt valley. Got all that? The diagram picture makes it a little more clear if you can zoom in on that, but definitely an interesting process, with dramatic results.
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