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Sailing Past Mount Stromboli at Sunset = WOW!

Stromboli, Sicilia, Italy
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We had what we consider a once in a lifetime experience on a recent Mediterranean cruise when we sailed around Mount Stromboli off the coast of Sicily in perfect weather conditions at sunset. Our captain was amazing and kept our ship in the area until total darkness. This was one of the most beautiful sights we have ever seen and we actually missed our dinner seating because we did not want to miss one minute. It is amazing that this is still an active volcano - for over 2,000 years apparently, and several hundred people STILL live on the island today scattered throughout three tiny villages.
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We were dressed for dinner but when we found out we would be in the area until after darkness we stayed put - don't worry...we didn't go hungry :-)
Just before total darkness. We slowly circled the island and it was absolutely spectacular.

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This picture is our first sighting of the volcano. We were dressed for dinner but the captain announced that perfect conditions would allow us to stay in the area until after sunset, so guess who skipped dinner!

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