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Saigon War Remnants Museum

Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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After a visit to Cu Chi Tunnels the previous day, I felt that a visit to the War Remnants Museum was important in order to get a clear picture of the Vietnam War.

Upon entering the War Remnants Museum site, the first thing noticeable are the collection of US planes and tanks. Walking farther in, I noticed low cages with barbed wires where the prisoners were locked treated like dogs. It was hard to swallow so I didn't spend much time in that section. I continued walking into the building. At the ground floor level, there are numerous pictures of inspirational Vietnamese figures who fought for their country and contributed selflessly. The first floor of the building concentrated on the effects of Agent Orange - how environments became wasted and people along with their progeny suffered from defects. The second floor display collections of artifacts such as guns, gas masks, grenades, bombs and uniforms that were used during the Vietnam War.
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For kids

CGV SC VivoCity
CGV SC VivoCity
Boosts a big, free playground on the top floor. One of the biggest malls in Saigon.

Points of interest

Vietnam National Museum of History
Informative site with artifacts from the beginning to time to emperors ruling in Vietnam. Admission includes water puppet theatre entrance.
War Remnants Museum
War Remnants Museum
Although depressing to experience, it was enlightening to hear the story from Vietnam's side.


Quan an ngon
Delicious food made with fresh ingredients in an upscale rural ambiance.
Ming Dynasty
A Chinese - Vietnamese fusion restaurant. Great selection albeit a little pricey

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