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Sagrada Família - Barcelona

Barcelona, CT, Spain
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One of the coolest things we saw during our time in Barcelona was the Basilica of the Sagrada Família. The majority of the basilica was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi, and began construction in the late 1800s. The craziest part is that the construction is not yet completed! The goal is for the final towers to be completed by 2026. (Which I believe is the 100 year anniversary of Gaudis death)Many architects have taken it on over the almost 140 years since it began construction, but they all oversee the project with Gaudi’s original plans in mind.It is incredible how massive it is. It towers over all the surrounding buildings.They offer guided tours and audio guides, and we opted for the audio guide. We also selected the entry with tower entrance and went up in the Nativity Tower. I highly recommend adding on the tower visit if you are able to! It is an elevator up but then you have to come down the stairs. But along the way there are various lookout points and windows with great views of the city.The incredible detail of the building is also incredible. There is symbolism in almost everything, from the colors of the stained glass to the height of the tallest tower. The audio guide really brings out some highlights of why certain materials were chosen and what each aspect represents.
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This is the metro station you get off at to see the sagrada. The station is literally right across the street from the sagrada

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Sagrada Família
Sagrada Família
Incredible basilica that has been being built since the late 1800s

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