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Bali, Bali, Indonesia
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ULUWATU is the most visit place in bali, its high cliff facing Indian Ocean. Sunset in uluwatu is majestic! I come there around 4.30 PM because the kecak dance perform at 6 pm. Uluwatu has Balinese Hindu temple that offers a unique style of architecture in an amazingly beautiful location.The temple of Uluwatu area set on the top of cliff bank, measure around 100 meters or 300 feets above the sea level facing the Vast Indian Ocean. walking from the other side from kecak stage from 4.30 enjoying monkey greetings and end up with mesmerizing kecak dance performance under the kiss on delightfull cliff sunset over indian ocean! what you can ask more? enjoy uluwatu bali!
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Uluwatu Temple
awesome and unforgettable experience. indian ocean has the secret that so mystical amazing

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