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Ryan Air

Charleroi, Wallonia, Belgium
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If you like to travel in Europe and like cheap flights, then Ryan Air is a great option for you! We often use this discount airline to jump from city to city because we have found tickets as low as ten euro. Of course getting cheap tickets on a discount airline means that you are giving up a lot of perks. For example (and I guess this really isn't a perk), they print their safety cards on the back of the seats so they can't be lost or destroyed, saving money in the long run. You will also forgo free drinks and snacks along with any dreams of a free bag check. You are only allowed to take on one personal item and don't even dream of thinking that you can take a purse and a backpack on. I have had to shove my purse into my backpack to avoid extra fees at the gate. Make sure to book everything online and print your tickets out. They charge a ton to check bags at the airport and even to print tickets at the gate and being a non EU citizen, you have to have a paper ticket.
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Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Brussels South Charleroi Airport
This is where we picked up a RyanAir flight to Budapest.

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