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Rutt's Hut: a New Jersey classic

Clifton, NJ, United States
7 Kudos
You know, New Jersey gets a lot of flack. Not just from New York City dwellers, but also seemingly from people across the United States. And I get it, there is a lot to dislike about some of the state's more down-on-their-luck cities and sprawling suburbia, but once you have spent some time there, you will definitely realize that it is not ALL that bad. For example, New Jersey has perfected the art of the diner and diner inspired fast food restaurants. My favorite is Rutt's Hut in Clifton, New Jersey, a little slice of classic Americana that serves up THE BEST hot dogs you'll ever eat.
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Rutt's Hut
Rutt's Hut
Delicious hot dogs and homemade toppings in an unassuming setting

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