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Ruine Kunibertsburg

Zeltingen-Rachtig, RP, Germany
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High above the Mosel River near Zeltingeb, you will find Ruine Kunibertsburg amongst the grape vines of the region. This is no tourist destination, but curious people will find their way up to it and be able to walk through a great set of ruins that were first mentioned in 1182.

There are a lot of old things like this in the region, probably due to the river because people always set up camp close to water when they could. This is a pretty neat little spot if you are visiting the area. It's no reason alone to go, but a quiet place to get away if you are already there!
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Ruine Kunibertsburg
Ruine Kunibertsburg
Ruine Kunibertsburg is a cool place to explore if you are in the area.

Points of interest

There's tons of stuff to do along the course of the Mosel.
You will find the ruins near this small German town.

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