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Royal Promenade

Adelaide Village, New Providence, The Bahamas
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The continuing series of stories about an amazing ship. The Royal Promenade on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas does not look like you have boarded a ship, it looks more like you entered a shopping mall. One of the most interesting attraction in the Promenade is the VW Bug art. As soon as we boarded the ship there it was, a huge, round, red ball that was made from a VW Bug. It was quite the attraction everyone was stopping to pose for a picture next to it. Throughout the Promenade there are several shops, the Rising Tide Bar (it rises above the Promenade and stops above with a view of the Central Park) and yes, that is a Starbucks. The Promenade is also the venue for many parties and usually a parade (I missed the parade because we were busy elsewhere with one of the many attractions). So much to see and do in so little time.
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