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Roughing It in Nola

New Orleans, LA, United States
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My last two trips to Nola were a little rougher than they have been in the past. My first trip to New Orleans was back in 95. Since then I've been at least 20 times. There are great b&b's that used to be affordable, especially after Katrina. $75 a night for several great places, even during Mardi Gras. Since I became single, the economy took a dive and my business as well, I have struggled to get to the Gras, each year for the last 6. Last year I was so desperate to be there, but friends were all booked up, and the great places to stay are now $300 a night. There was no way to be able to afford that, so I rented a larger car ( I have a two seater) and slept in it for a week. Thankfully the street that I parked on was safe and one of my friends let me use his facilities. It wasn't really fun, but sort of like camping, I guess. This year was still the same type of issue, but at least I had a friend who had a rough little room in the Bywater that let me stay. However, this year the weather was the worst I'd ever seen while visiting my fave city. It was 36 degrees and rainy, so I didn't even put on a costume this year. I did enjoy hanging out with friends and eating/drinking at all my favorite places. I was also only there for a few days, so the drive really took it out of me, round trip 15 hours in 4 short days. I hope my situation gets better and I can use all the Barclaycard miles I can get, so that my next trip there will be as wonderful as I remember from the past.
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Going in December for a wedding. We love the BBQ shrimp at Pascal Manales, oyster Po' Boys, and mufalleta sandwiches. We are going to Commanders Palace with the group, but are also looking for some small, trendy spots. We have heard good things about visiting WWII Museum.