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Roses at the end of the season

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2, Canada
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Arrived at Rose Garden, according to the map of UBC. There was a UBC anthropological museum on the other side of the road named Northwest Marine Drive. I was asked about the location of the Museum of Humanity immediately after arriving at Rose Garden, but I didn't know at that time, so I answered "I am not sure of this because this is my first time (it's a fact)" and I caught UBC students I was listening. When they saw the direction they were walking, they crossed the road and entered the other side, so the map was anthropological museum. Rose flowers are in bloom, but it is truly off season so they are barely blooming!
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Points of interest

Vancouver city tour. The park is huge, the most famous in the city.
Vancouver skyline, areas to take a boat trip, majestic trees
Surprising urban park - It has beautiful areas to observe the Vancouver skyline
Canada's largest urban park (larger than Central Park, inclusive). This park is the heart of Vancouver.
Vancouver Aquarium Street
(Vancouver Aquarium), restaurants, picnic areas, a train ride 2 km inside the forest
Vancouver Aquarium Street
has 3 beaches that are very popular during the summer, an aquarium (Vancouver Aquarium)
The scenery along the tour is really incredible. Go over the bridge connecting Vancouver
North Vancouver
North Vancouver and past beaches where people have parties and picnics outdoors.
Stanley Park Drive
Stanley Park has incredible scenery at any time of the year.
Rose Garden Lane
Rose Garden Lane
The scenery was good because Rose Garden is at UBC but close to the sea.

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