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Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail

Plains, GA, United States
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The Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail is located in Plains, Georgia. The trail started at Mrs. Carter's home and is a way to help pollinators thrive in the area. Mrs. Carter started this trail after reading about the migration of Monarch butterflies and what they needed for their migration and to help their population thrive. Mrs. Carter encourages others, quite successfully, in the area to create gardens to help the butterflies. There are a number of public gardens that you can tour while you are in the area and you can find a list of them online. It was a pretty neat thing to learn about while we spent some time in this Georgia town!
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Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail
Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail
This train consists of a number of public and private gardens in Plains, Ga
This town in the childhood and current home of Jimmy Carter.

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