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Rome's Colosseum

Rome, Lazio, Italy
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Rome's Colosseum, located right in the heart of this amazing city, is probably the one thing every Visitor has at the top of their list of things to see. It is with good reason, because this historical spot is absolutely gorgeous. It is hard to believe, but this sucker was built back in 70 AD and you can still tour it. It's so cool to imagine gladiator battles, or even ship battles because, yes, they used to fill this place up with water. It could seat over 50,000 people which puts it on par with our large stadiums today. I'd much rather go see a ship battle than watch the Charlotte Hornets. That's for sure!
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Culture and experiences

V.le Vaticano/Musei Vaticani
Musei Vaticani is the last thing I would recommend in the city.
Sistine Chapel
You also shouldn't miss this amazing piece of art in the Vatican.
Vatican City
Vatican City is a must visit place if you're in the area.
Palatine Hill
This cool site is right next door and should not be missed.

Points of interest

Via del Pantheon
As long as I'm making a list of places you have to see!
Rome is such a cool place to visit. There's no place like it.
Everyone who visits the city should see Rome's great Colosseum.


Giolitti is the place to go for frozen treats in Rome.

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