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Rome, can you say no

Rome, Lazio, Italy
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My fiance and I took a long trip through Italy. We stopped in Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples, and Pompeii. I knew we were going to be in huge tourist areas and to expect the touts but OMG. I think tout is the word i'm going for. There were so many people trying to sell you things. Every where we went it happened but the worse was in Rome. We couldn't walk 20 ft without someone coming up to us. And let me tell you some of these people just don't take no for an answer. They were literally shoving things in our face and trying to put things in our hands. It was such a turnoff that I wouldn't want to go to Rome again. The sights were amazing and the best we saw in Italy but we couldn't handle another day of people in our faces.
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Rome had the best sites! But beware all the people trying to sell things.

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