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Road to Hana

Hana, HI, United States
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I had heard a few different things bout the Road to Hana before our trip. Most people said to do it, but that it does take the whole day and its a sketchy drive. All of those were true. If or when we go back, theres we wont do it again as its just not worth it a second time. Buuuuut, the first time - totally worth it, especially when you get to see the Black Sand Beach at the end. That beach was one of the best things I have ever seen.

I would suggest going with a guide or somebody else, do not drive it yourself. You'll enjoy the views more and stress less about the narrow dangerous high up roads.
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Waianapanapa Road
Waianapanapa Road
The most beautiful site i've ever seen. the ocean. the beach. the trees.


Halfway to Hana
Halfway to Hana
The ice cream and banana bread here were very good. not many options to stop, so I would plan to stop here.

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