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Road through the Arch

Bryce Canyon, UT, United States
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Bryce Canyon National Park is always listed at the top in my favorite destinations in America. I have been travelling there for a half dozen times with family over the years. Although the Bryce Canyon National Park is amazingly wonderful geological wonderland, I found such wondrous rock formations are not just within the boundary of the park. If you come from the South and the West like North Rim of the Grand Canyon or the Zion National Park, then you would drive along the Highway 89 and you make right on the Utah State Highway 12 to Bryce. As you get close to the Bryce along the Highway 12, you can see great rock formations on the roadside and pinnacle of such rock formation is a tunnel made through red rock which look like an arch. Around this tunnel, you can park you car and look around interesting red rocks around.
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