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Road Trip to Taj Mahal!

Agra, UP, India
9 Kudos
My friend and I couldn't leave our first trip in India without visiting the Taj Mahal. We decided to take the road trip from Delhi to this magnificent place early in the morning with a private tour company. The ride was long, but the driver was nice and made it as comfortable as possible for us the entire time. Before heading to the Taj Mahal we had a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants in the area. As expected the Taj Mahal was busy and the line was long to get in. Lucky us the tour company helped us navigate in and we got to meet our other guide inside. The moment we stepped into the huge complex we started taking nonstop photos! It was definitely a bucket list moment for us!
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Indira Gandhi International Airport
The gateway to the capital city. This airport definitely stays busy.

Culture and experiences

Agra Fort
The Agra Fort is huge! You can see the Taj Mahal from a distance from its window arches as well.
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal was definitely a bucketlist moment for me when we got there! I was happy we got to see this before ending our India trip.


Bhauji Gali
Umrao Hotel is close to the airport so my friend and I stayed here on our first night upon landing since we got in around 4AM.

Points of interest

India Gate
India Gate is one of the most popular attractions in the city.
Old Delhi
Old Delhi is chaotic but it was worth checking out in my opinion.
Agra is known for being the home of the Taj Mahal. Had a great time for sure.
New Delhi
My friend and I started our India trip at the capital city.


The Silk Route
This restaurant served some delicious food. Definitely enjoyed the vibe also.

Special activities

Marble handicrafts
Very interesting marble shop in Agra. We got to see the hard work and detailed designs they do by hand.

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