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River Laune in Killorglin

Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland
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After driving for about 20 miles from our last stop, we spotted a road sign with a water symbol on it. We all love water so we agreed to go see if it had a beach, even though we knew we wouldn't be able to go swimming. When we found a place to park, we seen that there was no beach but it had an outlook that overlooked the water. We didn't stay long, probably only 5 minutes, but long enough to take some pictures. It wasn't really big at all and actually it was kind of small. If you want to get some quick exercise from driving too long or stretch out and relax, stop by Killorglin and go see the shoreline. It's really pretty, but other than that, there's really not much to see in town.
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Located en route on your way around the Ring Of Kerry. This is a small town on the southwestern side of Ireland. There's not much to see here and not much to do. However, if you need to get outside and stretch your legs, I would recommend stopping here. While the view isn't as scenic as I imagined, it's still really pretty to look at. If you're on a time limit, I would skip exploring this town - in town.

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