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Riding the train in Belgium

Coo, WAL, Belgium
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Riding the train in Belgium is much different than one would expect. After spending a lot of time on trains in Germany, I thought it would be quite similar. The trains that we rode were outdated yet clean. The conductor still comes out at each stop to give whistle signals for boarding and departure and he only announces the stops if he isn’t busy checking tickets. You have to make sure that you are checking each station to make sure you don’t miss your stop The toilets are clean but all waste goes right onto the tracks.Despite the weird things with the trains in Belgium, the cost is pretty low compared to other places. We paid €42 per adult for our four hour trip and each adult can travel with up to four kids under the age of twelve for free. Just make sure to book ahead and print your ticket out. The pdf files on your phone will not count as a valid ticket
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A small station along your travels. Free parking and no amenities

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