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Riding the Rails in New York

Patterson, NY, United States
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New York is one of the few areas I know in the US where rail travel is an option for daily commuters as well as travelers. (Which is especially funny to me, having grown up in Connecticut near a different branch of the same system, and never once taking it until I was an adult!) When I travel for work, I always get excited to visit a station I haven't been to before, and I *especially* get excited to see the older train cars that have individual names. When the cars were built decades ago, the transit authority asked people to send in the names of local notable people and places, and chose names from the submissions. It's a great way to learn a bit - I learned that "Tear of the Clouds" is the lake that is considered the headwaters of the Hudson River, for instance - and in Patterson I was happy to see one of my favorite cars, The Water Level!
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Waaaaay up the Harlem line, but provides access to NYC!


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Coffee in the morning, beer in the afternoon! Love it.

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