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Riding Up and Walking Down: Enjoying the Views in Flåm

Flåm, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
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You can’t visit Flåm and not ride the Flåmsbana (Flåm Railway). Widely regarded as one of the most stunning rail trips in the world, the short, 12-mile ride takes you to Myrdal Station, a mountain pass located some 2,600 miles above sea level.

The ride is simply stunning. Rivers snake through gorgeous green gorges, while waterfalls let loose, spilling into picturesque lakes far below. At one point on our ride up, the train stopped and all passengers briefly disembarked for a strange, open-air concert: A woman in a gauzy red dress stood on the cliffs above, singing in Norwegian. I thought I’d stepped into a Kate Bush music video, but no, it was real.

Though there’s not too much to do once you reach Myrdal, might I recommend walking or biking down the mountain rather than taking the train? If you’re short on time or don’t fancy walking the full 12 miles, ask the train conductor to let you off at one of the intermediate stops, maybe halfway down the mountain. Beware the bikers – if you’re walking, they’ll whiz down the mountain beside you at what seems a breakneck pace.

You’ll find clearly marked, well-paved paths, yet you’ll still feel immersed in the natural beauty around you. And you’ll have a chance to admire, up close, sights and details you barely noticed on the train: shallow pools of turquoise water; hardy succulents making a home among the stones.

It’s hard not to feel insignificant in the face of nature on such a massive scale, but maybe we all need that once in a while.
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Unmissable rail trip (considered one of the most beautiful in the world) with spectacular views.

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