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Reynisfjara Beach: Beautiful and Dangerous

Mýrdalshreppur, Iceland
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Reynisfjara Beach is probably the most famous beach in Iceland and for good reason. The black sand beach has large basalt columns erupting from the Earth near the edge of the ocean and basalt spikes erupting out of the ocean itself. In the distance, Dyrhólaey is visible where the lighthouse is located. It is truly a beautiful scene. So no surprise, Game of Thrones used this beach as a filming location in season 7. That being said, this was the first beach that I was afraid to get near the water. Rogue waves are not uncommon here and several people have died from the unexpected waves sweeping them out to sea. I decided not to chance it and kept my distance.
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by Courtchi


Can experienced surfers surf here though?

by webbie20bb


There were no people surfing while I was there. I would be surprised if you could but would check with the locals.