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Reptile World

Sacramento, CA, United States
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Brad's World Reptiles is a traveling reptile exhibit that you can find at some county fairs or reptile expos. They have an amazing tent or booth because you'll find all different kinds of reptiles includes alligators, snakes, lizards, and tortoises with hand on experiences and shows. The best part is you can pay only $20 or less to take a photo with a backdrop while you get to hold an alligator on your lap and have a snake draped around your neck. They have a few giant tortoises that roam around in a pen and you can touch them just watch out for the poop.
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Points of interest

Alameda County Fairgrounds
we saw Brad's Reptiles at the Alameda County Fair during the summer
you can visit Brad's Reptiles at various county fairs around the nation
California State Capitol Museum
Learning about how the history of California and how government is run.
Sacramento City Hall
Learn about city and local government and see how it's run.
Sacramento Reptile Show
Lots of reptiles here for your reptile loving family members.


Primrose Bakery
individual cakes to enjoy like German Chocolate and Strawberry cream
Black Bear Diner
where you can find a comforting and hearty meal after the fair
Meadowlark Dairy
drive through soft serve or a walk up window; try the pineapple

Special activities

The capital of California. It gets very hot here over the summer.
Brad's World Reptiles
A traveling reptile exhibit. This would be very cool for a birthday party.

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by Echochaser21


PSA that sulcatas are not pets! They're the third-largest species of tortoise in the world; they start out small and cute, and then five years later end up in rescues and programs like this because they get so large. Glad you got to encounter a couple, though. :-)