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Renaissance fair

Sankt Wendel, SL, Germany
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Sankt Wendel holds a giant renaissance fair/Christmas market each year and we were lucky enough to attend one year. Not only do they have the traditional markets, but they also put on quite a show as well. Naturally, being in Germany, all of the dialogue is in German, but we enjoyed the show nonetheless. The show seemed to rotate with other performers on a number of stages throughout the city, with all shows having the participants dressed in traditional garb. The shows varied from plays to fire shows to musical performances. We enjoyed spending a day here taking in all of the local celebrations.
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Points of interest

Basilica of St. Wendelin
You will find more stalls and shows in the same area as the basilica.
This is where you will find the majority of the entertainment in this city.
CITY Garage
Park here to get the best location for your car. Parking is cheap and is located right under the market.
Sankt Wendel
Sankt Wendel
Sankt Wendel is a small city in Germany where they have an amazing fair and Christmas market two weekends each year.

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