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Remnants of Hurricane Sandy

Long Beach, NY, United States
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Superstorm Sandy may have been 7 years ago but there are still signs of how many ways that the storm marred the landscaped and changed lives for so many people in our region, which it really devastated. One of those is the houses that are still undergoing elevation and still working through the elevation program that was necessary to save their homes from future storms as well as from the financial difficulties caused by the new stipulations of federal flood insurance guidelines and FEMA maps. I worked in disaster relief for a long time after Sandy, and suppose that I knew that the recovery would really take a while, but I didn't realize some people still wouldn't be back in their homes 7 years later.
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The LiRo Group
The LiRo Group
The Liro group is the contractor responsible for facilitating compliance with recovery program criteria so homes can be elevated at no cost.

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by gabrielvh7


I worked on that program, and can confirm there are still people waiting to get back in their homes after all this time!