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Religious festival

Krabi, จ.กระบี่, Thailand
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When we went back to Krabi, we nearly spent an entire day in town as we had to wait for our connection. Luckily, we were able to place our luggage behind the counter and were free to roam the streets. When we walked into the town center, we were amidst a religious festival (unfortunately, I can't figure out what it actually was about). Some of the participants were clearly stoned up to their ears, they could barely walk or look straight ahead. When we looked closely, we saw that they had pierced their tongues and cheeks with long metal sticks that were used to collect money. Locals were very generous, I am sure it had some religious meaning when you were giving to those poor folks. We wondered how they could survive such a treatment and not bleed to death. We heard from some locals (can't confirm the truth) that apparently the holes disappear very quickly through intense meditation. Well, nothing I would like to try, was bad enough seeing others doing it to themselves.
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