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Rebuilding of a Bridge

Oakland, CA, United States
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The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (SFOBB)construction began in 1933 and was completed in 1936. The bridge was built as a double decker bridge with the top deck used for cars bottom deck used for trucks and commuter trains. The entire bridge was later converted to all motor vehicle traffic with the top deck used for westbound traffic and the lower deck used for eastbound traffic. The SFOBB is actually a couple bridges that connect at Treasure Island. During the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake there was an enormous amount of damage with double deck freeways in both San Francisco and Oakland collapsing causing numerous fatalities. The earthquake also caused a section of the upper deck on the Oakland side of the SFOBB to collapse and fortunately there were no fatalities there. Many years later they began construction on the new SFOBB between Oakland and Treasure Island. This new section of the bridge was not being made as a double decker. After years and many construction issues the new section of the bridge was opened and is much more attractive than the old bridge. The old bridge was torn down over a period of time and is now completely gone. The section of the SFOBB between Treasure Island and San Francisco is still the old double decker bridge and I have n idea if there are plans in the works to replace it.On another note as some of you might already know from previous stories, I spent 32 years with the CA Highway Patrol. I started in Los Angeles then went to San Francisco. So I used to patrol the SFOBB. But I had already transferred to a different office when the earthquake hit. I was off that day but the next day the 12 hour shifts started with no days off. The devastation was incredible. Among the things we were tasked to do was guarding the damaged freeways to keep looters away and assist with the recoveries. I was lucky enough to only be tasked with guard duty.
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San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge
San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge
The SFOBB is the main route along I-80 that connects the East Bay to San Francisco

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