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Really? Iceland Mountain Air for Sale?

Haukadalur, Iceland
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Geysir Shops are located right across the Geysir, one of the most visited tourist destinations in Iceland. Geysir Shops are a much-needed warm oasis in volcanic wilderness with never-ending cold and windy weather in Iceland. There is a souvenir shop which features many unique Icelandic products such as sweaters, gloves and beanies made of Icelandic wool.

One thing that catches my eyes and somewhat hilarious was fresh Iceland mountain air in can for sale. What? Fresh air in can? Come on! It is so amusing to actually see such kind of product in display. There is a restaurant where you can have coffee to soups and light meals like sandwiches. There is a large clean restroom inside the shop. One thing that worth commenting is that restroom access in Iceland is free unlike many European countries where always require as little as 50 cents to hefty 2 euros in some places. In Iceland, you can stop by shops, information center, etc. for free restroom access. Because of non-stop strong gusty wind and cold weather makes you feeling like to go much sooner than normal. So, it is advisable to use restroom whenever you see one even when you don't feel like to go. My two cents for Icelandic road trip....
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