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Raymondville, Texas - the locals are friendly, just very tall.

Raymondville, TX, United States
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Last month, I had a very enjoyable trip to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. I have enjoyed sharing my stories of this unique and beautiful region. During my vacation in the Rio Grande Valley, I saw some museums, toured some battlefields, visited the beach, climbed the Port Isabel lighthouse, and saw the Southern Cross. I decided that I would end this series of stories on a humorous note. While stopping in Raymondville, Texas I could not help but notice the smiley face Water Tower.

This water tower has been a popular landmark in the town of Raymondville. The paint is starting to fade now so perhaps it will get repainted at some point soon. You can find the water tower in the city park - not that a water tower is exactly hard to find.

This story concludes my tour of the Rio Grande Valley. I have every intention of returning to this region just as I have every intention of returning to El Paso-Juarez. I hope that you have enjoyed my stories from the United States-Mexico Border. It is now time to say adios to the Rio Grande Valley for now. Perhaps this winter I can make a return trip if my schedule permits me to do so.
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Smiley Face Park
Smiley Face Park
This is the city park in Raymondville which is home to the water tower.

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