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Be'er Ora, South District, Israel
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The Ramon International Airport is a brand new one that was just opened in 2019. It was named after Assaf (the son) and the father Illan Ramon who both died serving their country. Illan Ramon was the first and only Israeli Astronaut who died in the fatal mission of Columbia. The airport was built in a great location to serve the southern part of Israel. Plenty of parking and free WiFi were available. passengers can have easy access to Eilat by taxi and or buses. Prices were reasonable and you can also cross the borders to visit Egypt and Jordan. Not many dinning areas but enough for such a small airport. They will offer more flights to Europe in the near future. The airport is located in a middle of a desert and with a very unique landscape. By all means this is an unusual airport with a lot of respect to it especially among the Israelis who adore the Ramon family.
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