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Ramen in LA

Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
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On our most recent trip to the west coast we were in desperate need for some Ramen, and being from New York, I had no idea what restaurant to go to. We decided to try Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. It was a little bit of a different experience, in that everything is highly customizable. You essentially build your own bowl of ramen. The starting price is very manageable at under $7 but they tack on little charges for each additional topping. In NYC, I'm used to a much higher price, but also an already great bowl of ramen. What I love about this experience is that the kids get to eat the basic model for a much cheaper price. The food was great, we definitely loved the Hakata Ramen they served here.
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Slurpin' Ramen Bar
The tonkotsu ramen is quite delivious, but the parking is rough.
Delicious build your own ramen experience , service was a bit slow but food was great.

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