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Railay Beach: tropical paradise, complete with monkeys

Ao Nang, จ.กระบี่, Thailand
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Railay Beach is even more beautiful than I imagined. Pictures can hardly do it justice. If you are anywhere near Krabi or Phuket, get yourself to Railay for a day. Swimming out away from the shore and just floating in the water surrounded by massive cliffs is the most perfect feeling in the world. Getting to Railay is a journey in itself, as it is accessible only by boat despite being attached to the mainland. The beach was a lot smaller than I expected, yet it wasn’t overly crowded, either. Unfortunately, accommodation anywhere near the beach is really expensive. Pro tip: we found a whole bunch of monkeys (and their babies!) hanging out near the road from Railay East.
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Railay Beach
Railay Beach is world-famous for a reason. Don't miss it.

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