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Quick trip to a little Ghost Town with an interesting history

Walpack Township, NJ, United States
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Walpack was once a small town in New Jersey, but the plans for a dam forced the town to be evacuated. However, the dam never came to fruition, so many of the structures of the town still exist. Now part of a National Park, the area is fun to visit for a slice of history with hikes and beautiful scenery nearby. Just walking around the vicinity is a good half day stop outside nearby state forests, and the park rangers on site can offer a little view into what once was. Venturing a few miles away, you can find fine dining, local craftpeople's works, and of you're lucky, some festivals and crafts fairs.
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Points of interest

Walpack Center
This tiny town that was forced out to make way for a dam that never was to be built is a little slice of history in a rapidly progressing area nestled in between state park sites.


Peters Valley Gallery - Retail and Exhibition
Peters Valley Gallery hosts a display of local craftsmanship year round.
Bridge Road
This little bridge crossing between NJ and PA still has an actual person collecting tolls in a bucket.
Walpack Inn
This restaurant is inside of a national park. It has great food, some of the only truly fine dining in the area, and absolutely beautiful ambiance, including deer feeding outside of the restaurant's glass walls.

Special activities

Peters Valley School of Craft
This little artisan's village still hosts crafts workshops and provides a lot of "living history" opportunities.

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I just saw that someone posted this, and it does a way better job of contextualizing the area's story than I can in a just a few words. Pretty interesting stuff!

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Wow. Another one I never thought I'd see here. You and the guy at the Descendants show win the day!