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Pyramid of Cestius and the Aurelian Wall

Mostacciano, Lazio, Italy
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The Pyramid of Cestius is an ancient pyramid in downtown Rome that was built as a tomb for Gaius Cestius around 12 BC. The pyramid was constructed of brick with concrete (I wonder if concrete was different in 12 BC) and then covered with slabs of white marble. The pyramid was incorporated into the old Aurelian Wall of Rome and is close to the Porta San Paolo, which was one of the southern gates that pass through the wall. The gate now has been separated from the wall and it resembles a small castle. The walls were built is stages, they started near the city center and then new walls were built as the city expanded.
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Aurelian Walls
Aurelian Walls
The Aurelian Walls can be seen in different locations in Rome
Porta S. Paolo
Porta S. Paolo
The Porta San Paolo was once one of the southern entrances to the walled city of Rome
Pyramid of Caius Cestius
Pyramid of Caius Cestius
As you drive downtown Rome a Pyramid suddenly appears that looks like it is in the middle of the road

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