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Put The Top Down

San Diego, CA, United States
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Being our first trip to California, we had no choice but to live the dream of riding around the California coast in a convertible. What was surprising however, was just how cool the temperature can be along the coast, even at the height of summer in July when we were visiting for a trade show. We took a taxi from our hotel on the waterfront to the car rental area at the airport and picked up a convertible Mustang for a day. We quickly decided that our attire wasn't sufficient for comfortable riding, especially with kids and a cold natured wife. But rather than put the convertible top up, we headed to the first place we could find for some cool weather attire. So up the coast we went, with a Beach Boys soundtrack, the side windows up, and bundled up against the cool winds. Worth the price of a couple of jackets and sweatshirts!
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