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Pure Life

Costa Rica, Costa Rica
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As I waited in the departure terminal for Costa Rica, I was joined by some interesting travelers. Their styles channeled Rasta, surfer, Bohemian, and hippie-chic fashion.

They sported ex-Officio gear, packs filled taller than themselves, and the occasional butt-length dread locks. Some “typical” travelers were also scattered about—business men and women, families, and school-aged groups.

I toted an oversized backpack alongside my casual travel suitcase.I was styled with a scarf wrapped around my mini-afro and my nice, dark wash jeans were rolled up to prevent fraying. I had no trouble finding my place on the flight; and I sat day-dreaming about the things we would discover in the land of pura vida.

I came with no concrete plans —my sole intention was to relax. Still, I did a few activities, including:

1. Wandering around cities outside the capital;
2. Touring an active volcano and its hot springs;
3. Attending a live musical performance at the National Theater; and most importantly,
4. Spending time alone to clear my head.

I enjoyed everything but felt the greatest benefit from having time alone. I was not anti-social; I comfortably nestled myself among the varied groups of people I came across, but I did spend a lot of time in solitude.

Sometimes I sat alone in public parks. Other times,I lacked solitude in physical space but remained concentrated on my thoughts during long bus rides.There was ample time to do so in Costa Rica, or so it seemed.

The hours felt endless and I found myself writing, then scratching many things off to-do lists. My biggest feat was creating an extensive series of spreadsheets for my five year plan.Above all else, getting organized was pura vida for me.

I wonder what the other travelers discovered...

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by Biondi1


Great job on the featured story!

by wwtraveler


Being alone could be good for self discovery. Although I must say I am afraid of traveling alone :(

by LydiaG


Thank you both. I have been traveling alone and in many ways, I prefer it. It's nice to meet others along the way but do big parts of each trip alone too.