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Punto Azul - Amazing seafood extravaganza

15074, Peru
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When I walked around the new modern urban center of Lima, Miraflores, it was about time for lunch. I headed to the Punto Azul, a famous seafood restaurant. When I got there, it was just past noon and I was immediately seated. However, this restaurant is extremely popular and just about 15 minutes after I sat, there was already very long line. Interesting thins is that Peruvians enjoy this waiting time as they don;t seem to care for long waiting. The food serving was also not in high speed as if there is no people waiting. The food that I had a combination seafood platter that has prawns, Peru's famous pulpo (octopus), halibut chunks, and others on the bed of squid black inked creamy rice. It was heavenly tasting. Although I enjoyed my food very much, I was at the same time so jealous to see foods other people are having in the neighboring tables. I just hoped to to have time to come back but I already knew in my quick whirlwind tour of South America, this is my first and last visit to the place.
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Punto Azul
Amazing seafood, very popular, excellent waitstaff, great ambiance, pricey in Peruvian standard but more than worth it

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