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Punta Colorada

Punta Colorada, Maldonado Department, Uruguay
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Punta Colorada is a small resort in Maldonado, 2.5 kilometres from the city of Piriapolis. The best way to go around is by car, although there are local buses that go from beach to beach. This resort is small, located on the Atlantic Ocean and as it is a point, as the name says, the beach is dangerous but beautiful. There are a couple of restaurants close to the beach and a grocery store. It is ideal for biking and hiking. When you are in Punta Colorada you feel you could be in any exotic beach in the world, the beach has fine sand but there are also beautiful rock formations.
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Punta Colorada
Punta Colorada
Part of the beach in Punta Colorada. The little construction it seemed to me it was a boat garage.
Punta Colorada
Punta Colorada
Beautiful sunset view right from the tip of Punta Colorada.

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