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Puno street scenes

Paucarcolla District, Puno, Peru
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After taking a boat to the Uros Floating Islands, I got back to Puno and wandered around the lakeside city. Since the altitude of the city is over 12,000 feet, although I have been in Peruvian Andean highlands for several days by then, I still felt a bit of minor headache. As usual my lifesaver sorojchi pill always helped me to relieve such headache. In the Plaza de Armas, you could see a lot of local Peruvian come and chill in rather strong sunlight. Some of the ladies wore traditional clothing with something on their backs which looks similar but clearly different in colors and shapes from other towns like Chinchero. One thing clearly different is their hats that I have not seen from Quechua people in other towns like Chinchero, but later in the trip, I saw those similar hats in Bolivia.
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