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Puerto Rico's Best Kept Secrets

Vieques, Vieques, Puerto Rico
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Did you know that the beautiful island of Puerto Rico is less than 3 hours from the coast of Florida? Even better, did you know that you can fly there for under $300? There aren't many places in the States where you can fly for this cheap! Puerto Rico is the relaxing vacation spot you've been looking for but you may have to do a little more work to discover its best kept secrets.

This Spring, I traveled to Puerto Rico with a few of my girl friends for a beach vacation. We did our research beforehand and read about an even smaller island just off the main island of Puerto Rico called Vieques. This spot was intriguing from the start with its description being a secluded island getaway with beautiful beaches, wild horses, and generally unpopulated land. We knew we had to go!

There are two options for getting to Vieques from the mainland: by ferry or by flight. There are pros and cons to each but basically the ferry takes 90 minutes and cost $2 while the 8-seater planes cost $35 each and take 10 minutes. The idea of riding in that small of a plane was terrifying to me so we agreed to take the ferry out there. We read that it was unreliable but we had no trouble getting tickets or getting across the water. After just 90 minutes on board, we were in paradise!

We spent a 4 full days and 5 nights in Vieques, rented a house in the hills of Isabel II, and spent each day hopping from one beach to the next. The island is gorgeous with one incredible view after another, friendly locals, and peaceful shorelines. The water was picturesque, with vibrant colors that you often only see in professional photographs. It was hard to leave but after our fifth night on the island, it was time to say goodbye (for now...).

Dreaming of the perfect beach vacation that's reasonably priced and close to home? Look no further than Puerto Rico! And, if you can, go all the way to Vieques to relax on some of the best beaches in the world.
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El Blok Hotel
Hotel and Restaurant - amazing food by Nationally-recognized, Jose Enrique

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Did you go to the wildlife refuge?

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Yes, we did. Those were among my favorite beaches on the island.